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Exploring the geology, topography and alien nature of Iceland, Polly has created physical manifestations that encapsulate her memories and experience of her time there, the same way a souvenir holds a moment in time.


Colour Measurements: Hafnarfjorour, Reykjavik, Iceland, 5.9.17

Colour Measurements: Solheimajokull Glacier, Iceland, 6.9.17

Colour Measurements: Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland, 6.9.17

Colour Measurements: Skaftarhreppur, Iceland, 7.9.17

Colour Measurements: Reynisfjall Mountain, Reynisfjara, Iceland, 7.9.17

Colour Measurements: Blesi Geyser, Selfoss, Iceland, 8.9.17


70.6 x 97.5 x 3.5 cm


Polly's abstracted watercolour paintings correspond to photographs she took whilst in Iceland. They show only the ratios of colour captured in the photos, deconstructing the traditional landscape painting down its basic elements; the horizontal and the colour.

By soaking the watercolour paintings in water, she turns a flat painting into a physical object as the collected coloured water is then transferred and contained in her sealed glass domes, breaking down the boundaries of what a two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork is.


Basalt Dome

Basalt and Iron Dome

Earth and Iron Dome

Iron Dome

Stone Dome

Stone and Rhyolite Dome 


Approx. 15 x 30 cm

The narratives within the glass domes are constantly changing, as though living worlds; the water decreases and evaporates, reflecting our current ever-changing climate, and bacteria grows in the stagnant water.

Originally the domes were filled with coloured water, corresponding to the watercolour abstractions of Iceland’s landscape, however this was a one-time performance, and Polly now fills the domes with clear water.

These sculptures are memories of Iceland’s harsh environment so it was important Polly used all four of nature’s elements to produce them: fire/heat was used to slump the glass domes, and their slight idiosyncrasies are a trace of this energy; the sand used in the snowcrete mix, physically and theoretically represents the earth; water is contained in the glass dome, and is also essential in the setting of the snowcrete; and finally air/oxygen runs through the domes acting as a catalyst for their microclimates.

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