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97-99 Hoxton St London N1 6QL

Saturday 11th March


2pm - 4pm



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On this 2-hour workshop, participants will choose from natural objects and images provided, to paint and sew an image onto a piece of pre-mordanted cotton fabric. They will also begin the process of staining cotton fabric and yarn, and complete this at home. The ‘paint’ or stain is completely natural and made with different coloured clays. By mixing the clay with soya milk, it becomes a stain, leaving the painted image to remain on the fabric. The stained fabric can subsequently be used in a craft or sewing project.


Mud cloth, or Bogolanfini, is a unique textile process culturally significant to Africa. Originating in Mali, West Africa, mud cloth is worn by hunters as ritual protection and by new mothers immediately after childbirth to defend against any dangers. In the Bambara language, Bogolanfini is made up of three words: Bogo, “earth” or “mud,” lan, “with,” and fini, “cloth”.

Strips of handwoven cotton are stitched together into a large cloth, then dyed and painted with intricate patterns and symbols using fermented mud or sludge. The cloth is first mordanted using tea leaves and branches, and sometimes will be buried in mud for up to a year.

Outcome of workshops:

  • You will learn about the history and method of clay dyeing

  • You will create a dyed painting, and stain fabrics and yarn, completely with natural materials


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