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My Studio

Rolvenden, Kent TN17



In the 1-1 session you will learn how to extract lake (plant) pigment. You can also choose to explore earth, metal and bone pigments, as well as inks!

The session takes place over two consecutive days.

All materials are included.

Please contact me to discuss specifics.

On the workshop participants learn:

• The historical origins of pigment

• Responsibilities and health & safety of collecting natural materials and processing pigment

• About different binders, specifically gum arabic and its history and sustainability

• About different types of natural pigment: mineral (inc. shell - calcium carbonate), metal compound, animal, plant, charcoal

• How to identify and use natural artist materials

• How to extract lake pigment

• How to create watercolour paint with pigment

Participants take home:

• Handout with notes and reading recommendations

• Hand-painted colour wheel

• Watercolour paint

• Pigment

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